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Number of Olympics medals won by Restwise athletes in Rio:
1 9

"Restwise offers a valuable insight into the demands of training. Critically, the accuracy of the data has stood up to other more in depth measures of fatigue and recovery that we undertake."

Danny Holdcroft, Lead Sport Science - Strength Conditioning, British Olympic Bob Skeleton

    Restwise is the tool that makes monitoring fatigue simple, inexpensive and effective for athletes and their coaches. Years of research experience taught the Restwise scientists that athlete compliance depends on simplicity. Each marker is easy to track, the software interface is very intuitive, and daily information can be entered in less than a minute through any web-enabled computer or through an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry application. Restwise then returns a daily score, an explanation of what it means, and a color-coded chart showing your score over time.

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    The Restwise Coach Platform

    If you are a coach, you know how important it is to have an ongoing, honest assessment of how your athletes are responding to the training plans you prescribe. But until now, this communication depended on daily in-depth conversations with each athlete. With Restwise you can quickly view information about all of your athletes in one place.

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