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There are as many training methodologies as there are competitions to test them, and research continually reveals more refined sport-specific ways to structure training. But underpinning every coherent training plan is the biological need for recovery. If you want to know how hard you can push your athletes, you simply must understand how they are recovering.

Restwise offers coaches, athletic trainers, and medical staff the first practical system for monitoring athletes’ recovery state on a daily basis. The Restwise Coach account lets you quickly view information about all of your athletes in aggregate, in groups, or individually. Or you can set up alerts so Restwise will email you a list of athletes who have low recovery scores, are dehydrated, ill or injured.

Restwise is used by coaches of some of the world’s top individual endurance athletes. And some of the most sophisticated sports programs in the world, including professional, national, and collegiate teams, now rely on Restwise to monitor their athletes’ recovery.

For a tour of Restwise from a coach's perspective, watch a six-minute video of the Restwise coach platform.

For a case study on how to use Restwise, watch a four-minute video of how the coach of 5X Mountain Bike World Champion Rebecca Rusch used Restwise to modify her training plans before an event.

You can open a free coach account. And of course, you can always email us or call 978-371-1433 for more information, including pricing for your team or athletes.

If you are an individual athlete looking for a coach, you might want to contact one of the recovery-aware coaches listed below.

Matt Dixon
purplepatch [pur.puhl.pach] noun: a period of excellent performance... more...
purplepatch [pur.puhl.pach] noun: a period of excellent performance, when everything seems to go right, work properly and is in perfect balance. Everything seems to fall into place and flows, making it seem like you can do nothing wrong. If you are looking for a bit of Purple Patch in your life, check out Matt's philosophy. We also encourage you to read the "About Me" link on his site - an interesting examination into the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (over-training). His long recovery from this plays a part in why he feels Restwise is so important.
Bryant Howard
... everyone deserves the best training opportunities ... more...
O2 Endurance is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves the best training opportunities available. Regardless of experience or ability O2 Endurance is about about helping you achieve your goals. Whether you're a "newbie" prepping for your first community event or a seasoned veteran looking to elevate your performance, we've got the information you need to be successful. We have guided countless athletes of all levels of ability and experience to personal bests as well as National and World Championships.
Dave Scott
Whether your quest is in finding the... more...
Whether your quest is in finding the right training plan for an upcoming race or in enhancing your overall fitness, Dave offers a full range of training and race programs to help you get the results you want; by training smarter, stronger and faster. Proven. Results. It’s Your Time.
Ken Axford
PEAK Multisport is a coaching, consulting, and event... more...
PEAK Multisport is a coaching, consulting, and event production company. Owner, Ken Axford is a high performance coach working with a wide variety of athletes emphasizing endurance sports. He uses the latest science and research along with the "art" of coaching to help his athletes reach their highest potential. Ken is also a regular consultant for USA Triathlon along with numerous other organizations who take advantage of his health and fitness expertise.
Ben Ollett
Ollet Coaching counts among their clients cyclists... more...
Ollet Coaching counts among their clients cyclists ranging from Olymians and National Champions to avid enthusiasts. The mission of Ollett Coaching is to assist individuals in developing to the best of their athletic ability in a healthy, balanced manner. Our comprehensive approach is focused on the process of improvement, grounded in the fundamentals of endurance training, and places a high value on:
- Self-Awareness
- Thorough Preparation
- Continuous Effort
- High Standards
- Quality Communication
- Appreciation of the Improvement Process
- Balance in training and life
- Enjoyment of Training and Physical Activity
Craig Upton
Using a science and power-based methodology... more...
Using a science and power-based methodology for cycling and multi-sports, Craig creates and delivers a fully-customized and high-touch coaching solution for the athlete looking to explore the limits of their performance capacity. Blending years of experience at the top level of racing - the European pro peloton - Craig weaves his passion for nutrition and precise bicycle fit and analysis to offer his clients a seamless coaching environment. Additionally, his commitment to regular contact means that your training plan will always reflect the reality of your life.
Dr. Rick Rosa
Multiple sports
Recover Faster, Train Harder. A New Perspective on Recovery ... more...
Offering a new perspective on recovery, the RECOVERY Doc team utilizes cutting-edge healing technology, customized treatment programs and a state-of-the-art monitoring service to help athletes recover quicker and stronger, enabling them to perform at their optimum level.
Getting athletes to function at their optimum level is what it?s all about.
Recovery is just as important as training, yet it seems not many athletes? trainers or coaches really focus on the aspects of recovery. Our areas of interest are all about RECOVERY to boost your athletic performance. Whether you?re recovering from an injury or you?re simply in between training, let the team at RECOVERY Doc help you boost your performance.
Shaun Callaghan
Pacific Rim Multisport coaches each work with a limited number of athletes... more...
Pacific Rim Multisport coaches each work with a limited number of athletes of all levels to ensure we are able to offer the highest level of service to our athletes. Paramount to this is communication between the coach and athlete which, is not only unlimited, but actively encouraged. Our coaching is not a scheduling service and instead we focus on establishing a "mentor" relationship with the athlete ensuring we have a complete understanding of the athlete. We believe that a key component of this model is understanding the individual nature of the athlete. We do not use "cookie cutter" programs but rather design unique programs to cater for the individual needs of the athlete, both within the sport and outside of the sport.
Brian Grasky
GEC is a network of four coaches and a registered dietitian... more...
GEC is a network of four coaches and a registered dietitian, with a passion for doing all they can to help athletes reach their goals?and the track record that proves they have the ability to do so. All GEC coaches are based in Tucson, AZ, the number one community for triathletes, but we work with athletes all over the country (and at times in Afghanistan and Iraq)
Alison Dunlap
For those of you that want structure and guidance... more...
For those of you that want structure and guidance with your riding but don’t have the funds to pay for a full service coaching program, Alison now offers all of her world class training in a straight forward, clear-cut, concise format without all the bells and whistles, and without the huge cost. This is a no fluff, no hand holding, no fancy gimmicks coaching program designed for those who like to ride or race their bikes. Each program, designed and written by Alison, will give you the facts: what to do and when to do it. You will get a daily calendar with concise explanations about everything you'll be doing. Then you're on your own. It’s the same training, but without the daily contact and guidance from Alison.
Scott Saifer
Cycling, Running, Triathlon
Personal and affordable coaching for cyclists, runners, and triathletes of all levels... more...
Wenzel Coaching coaches work daily with individual athletes, groups and clubs all over North America and beyond. We work with your life, your schedule and your commitments to help you define and achieve your goals. Whether you are a beginning athlete or seasoned vet, Wenzel Coaching can put together a training program to make you fitter, faster and more comfortable!
Scott Fliegelman
Triathlon, Running
FastForward Sports offers outstanding programs... more...
FastForward Sports offers outstanding programs for runners and triathletes of all levels looking to build endurance, strength and speed in order to run races from 5K to 10K, and in order to complete triathlons as long as a full Ironman distance. Course-specific training schedules are developed, and expertly trained coaches then help tailor workouts to a full range of athletes with a variety of experience and goals. Coaching is provided in-person as well as online, and runners access their workouts, training resources, and Club message board through FastForward’s simple-to-use website. Importantly, Fast Forward Sports is as much about fun and community as it is about racing, recognizing that some people just want to go run together!
Paul Lungren
Swimming, Triathlon
A unique, combined intelligence developed from 30 years... more...
A unique, combined intelligence developed from 30 years of competitive swimming and coaching. Instinct guides our coaching to complement our vision of efficient and fast movement. An expression of our instinct to thrive, the spirit of survival is reflected in every stroke, every stride, every breath, every mile. Our minds, bodies and souls embody the competitive spirit for survival, and manifest in the spirit of competition.
Mark Allen
Mark Allen brings to his athletes a powerful blend of experience... more...
Mark Allen brings to his athletes a powerful blend of experience, results-based methodology and personal interaction in a cost-effective, user-friendly on-line coaching service. His service, named "eGrip", is for triathletes of all levels of fitness and experience. The only requirement for you to get started is to have the basic equipment necessary to swim, bike, and run. eGrip is designed for all distances - from a sprint triathlon all the way up to an Ironman. You pick the goal. The program gets you ready. Importantly, the flexibility of eGrip gives you the option to select your key workouts on days that suit your lifestyle. In addition, if modifications to the schedule are needed because of either missed workouts or unforeseen obligations that necessitate you altering your scheduled sessions, the program will adapt to keep you on track. Combining flexibility and personalization results in a customized program... supported by one of the most successful triathletes in history.
Jeremy Horgan-Korbelski
A unique, combined approach to coaching... more...
A unique, combined approach to coaching, Jeremy and Heather bring a balanced approach to the task of mentoring, coaching and preparing aspiring young athletes for the rigos and details of an elite racing program. JHK has self-coached throughout his career, bring a methodical, scientific approach to the process of extracting performance from the body. Heather is a more intuitive athlete, who credits her decision to hire a coach in the winter of 2008 with her breakout season in 2009. They prefer at this point to work with junior riders, and have a deep passion for racing on the dirt.
Heather Irmiger
Carlos Dinares
3-time Spanish national champion and coach of current World Record Holder... more...
3-time Spanish national champion and coach of current World Record Holder Ursula Grobler, Carlos' goal is to help passionate rowers develop enhanced boat-moving skills. If you are enthusiastic about the sport of rowing, Carlos wants to work with you. As Carlos says, "Your excitement about improving your rowing is more important than how well you row or how long you've been rowing. I will find a way to bring you from point A to point B, and to do so in a creative and motivating way. After all, if you want to be your best, you can't simply rely on the circumstance of genetics. You have to take risks with your training, you have to be passionate about improving and you must love your sport." Pehaps most importantly, Carlos encourages rowers of all levels and at any age. With experience coaching juniors, collegiate champions, beginning adults and Olympians, Carlos's enthusiasm makes any day on the water a pleasure.
Sage Rountree
Triathlon, Running
Yoga and endurance sports, like literature... more...
Yoga and endurance sports, like literature, give us insight into the human condition, helping us answer the question of what to make of our existence They teach us how to use our bodies and minds to make sense of our souls. By paying disciplined attention to form and breath during your workouts, you’ll improve your sport performance, as well as your mental focus. I help your training and racing become a fulfilling part of your life experience—another way to build strength (in the form of sport skill, speed, and endurance), flexibility (the ability to maintain equanimity on hard days and through stressful situations), and balance (engagement in various healthy, wide-ranging, complementary activities). You’ll gain insight about what to make of your existence. My coaching is guided by three principles: 1) balance: only through recovery do we receive the gains of training, so rest is essential for your physical and mental balance. You have to take it easy to be able to go hard, 2) communication: it’s not unusual to share a number of e-mails in a single day, and I like to check in with my athletes during periodic workouts together, and 3) transparency: every workout should have a clear purpose. If you don’t know what you’re getting in a workout—how it should feel, why it is scheduled—you’re wasting your time and money. This fits into the bigger picture, too: you need a sense of what your training, racing, and sport bring to your life and to your world.
Brian Harder
Mountaineering, Cycling
A long-time fitness iconoclast and exercise guinea pig... more...
A long-time fitness iconoclast and exercise guinea pig, Harder maintains a blunt, thoughtful blog on All Things Fitness which may be of particular interest for athletes "of a certain age". Although he limits his direct coaching relationships, his guidance is sought and appreciated by athletes from around the world. If you like what you read on his blog, and think he may be a good guide for your athletic pursuits, we encourage you to contact him directly.
Michael Tobin
Cycling, Adventure Racing, Duathlon, Triathlon