Here are some of the recent articles and blog posts written about us or by us:

4/13/2017 "Why we train", in Bare Essentials Magazine.

9/28/2016 "Too tired to work out? High- and low-tech tips for getting off the couch", in The Seattle Times.

10/14/2014 "Restwise named finalist in 'Big C' contest", in Concord Journal.

9/29/2014 "Cancer Foundation Names Finalists For Innovation In Patient-Centered Care", in Forbes Magazine.

9/23/2013 "Olympic Weight Lifting - Have you got what it takes?", in UltraFit Magazine.

6/2013 "25 Ways To Know With Laser-Like Accuracy If Your Body Is Truly Recovered And Ready To Train", at Ben Greenfield's Fitness.

3/22/2013 "The trend is my friend ...", on The Endurance Experiment.

3/5/2013 "Data Geeks Use Spreadsheets To Get Fit", on NPR's Here and Now.

2/4/2013 "Data from apps help athletes raise the bar", from The Boston Globe.

1/5/2013 "Top 5 Health and Fitness Apps for 2012".

10/29/2012 "The Pro Life", appearing in Get Stronger Go Longer.

8/9/2012 "My legs feel like crap - and that's a good thing ...."

7/26/2012 "Strength Training - How to Recover Faster From Workouts", appearing in

7/1/2012 "Top Myths about Recovery" appearing in Triathlete Magazine.

6/1/2012 "The Science of Recovery" appearing in Soccer Journal.

5/15/2012 "The Natural" appearing in InsideTriathlon.

4/27/2012 Restwise parters with OpenSDH.

4/23/2012 "Fitness For Geeks", a new book with a chapter devoted to recovery and a section on Restwise. For sale here.

2/23/2012 "Interview with Endurance Specialist Rebecca Rusch," appearing in

2/21/2012 "The Importance of Rest (And RestWise)," appearing in Patrick McCrann.

2/16/2012 "Review of RESTWISE - 2 weeks into the program," appearing in Joe Still Runs For Dom.

2/2/2012 "Do I need a rest day?," appearing in Joe Still Runs For Dom.

12/1/2011 "The fast exec," appearing in Lava Magazine.

11/4/2011 "Smarter resting leads to better training," appearing in Scienceline.

10/19/2011 "Innovative technology to optimize rest & recovery helps finalists prepare for the Rugby World Cup," appearing in InTouch.

10/19/2011 "Quantifying Recovery With RestWise," by Armi Legge, appearing in The Bulletproof Executive.

10/11/2011 "Boston's AA cluster: Athletic analytics start-ups aim to improve performance for pros and amateurs," appearing in The Boston Globe.

10/11/2011 "(My) Secret sauce to a Sub 9hr Hawaii Ironman: Unconventional wisdom," by Sami Inkinen, appearing in Incurable Data Geek.

10/10/2011 "Interview: Ash Gray, Restwise," appearing in Sports Technology Podcasts.

08/08/2011 "Get The Pulse On Optimal Training" by T.J. Murphy, appearing in Competitor Magazine.

06/08/2011 "Want to be a World Champ? Get Your Rest" by Singletrack Dirt, appearing in Outside Online.

05/03/2011 "Time to Rest?" by Jayme Otto, appearing in Runner's World.

05/01/2011 "Two New Ways to Measure Your Recovery" by Jene Shaw, appearing in Triathlete Magazine.

02/26/2011 "Resting at the right time" by Justin Angleman.

02/10/2011 "The Moving Bar of Intensity" by Marc Evans.

02/09/2011 "New Team!!! RecoveryDoc and Restwise come together" by Dr. Rick Rosa.

12/01/2010 “The Science of Recovery” by Matthew Weatherley-White, Jeff Hunt and Dr. Vern Neville, which appeared in SkiPost.

11/04/2010 “Are You Resting Enough?” by Lynn Clay, which appeared in Cycling Fitness.