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Here are some answers to questions we’ve received from customers. This list is growing, so if you have a question please email us at and we’ll try to post the response here.

For what sports is Restwise useful?
What level athlete should use Restwise?
Once I subscribe, do you help me learn how to use the product effectively?
Would it help to use Restwise with a coach?
Are all the inputs weighted the same?
How can I make sure I get the most accurate score possible?
What does my recovery score tell me?
How do I use the score?
Will my recovery score predict how I'll perform in competition?
Why are there so few choices for answers?
But doesn‘t it make a difference if something is worse than normal or much worse than normal?
When should I enter my data?
What should I do to improve my recovery score if I am training for an Ironman?
What do you think of HRV as a tool for measuring recovery?
What is your Privacy Policy?