Our Generous Supporters

"Restwise has been a great help to me, and I would like to see it benefit more people."

- Chad Ward, two-time cancer survivor

We would too!

In fact we would like for any cancer survivor to be able to use Restwise for free while we continue to invest in making Restwise even more effective for the cancer community. To do so, we need your help. Please contribute today to support our work.


Gold Supporters ($500 and above)

Malo Harrison

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Margot Biehle
Eliot Nolan
Patrick West
Kate Yoder

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John Barton
Kyle Biehle
Ryan Davenport
Lynn Flynn
Amos Galpin
Carole Hunt
James Hunt
Jeff Hunt
Sue LaChance
Jane McGraw
Meredith Prime
Caroline Sobota
Dana Tang
Nadia Valla
Philip vanderWilden
Matthew Weatherley-White